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Kalyani & Samuel
Kirtan meets classical guitar.

Since two years, Kalyani as a singer with classical Indian musical background and Samuel T. Klemke, who is a world-renowned classical guitarist, captivate and move the hearts of their listeners with their music. A big part of their repertoire comes from within Indian mysticism and tradition, though it invites people irrespective of their own background to go inwards and connect with the source that is within all of us.

In Hinduism, the singing and chanting of the Divine names is an integral part of the path of devotion (Bhakti-Yoga). In this way, with an attitude of heartfelt joy and devotion, songs from different religions and cultures can be experienced as a source of rejuvenation and calming of the mind.

Kalyani's and Samuel's repertoire includes, apart from Indian kirtans and bhajans, songs from other traditions as well as more contemporary and "worldly" music.

After her schooling, Kalyani lived and studied for several years in an international Yoga- and Meditation Center and Ashram in Germany. There, as well as in India, she learned the art of kirtan-singing and has since been giving concerts and workshops within Europe and beyond. She is a full-time practicing singer as well as a spiritual life-coach on the path of Bhakti-Yoga.


Since 2022, Kalyani has been working together with her partner Samuel T. Klemke, who is a world-renowned classical guitarist. 

Samuel was born into a spiritual family and has been practicing yoga and meditation according to vedic tradition alongside music since early childhood. 

The concerts of Kalyani and Samuel are marked by a deep sense of devotion. Kalyani's voice directly touches the heart of the listener and is skillfully accompanied by Samuel's guitar, weaving together elements of classical Indian and classical western music. 

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